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All students are welcome to perform at Studio Orients Summer recital, may 24th. Do you wish to contribute with a performance? Send an e-mail with your name, what you wish to perform, length, style and choreographer.

Group performances
Mina Shamal
is one of Helene Skaugens student groups that reherse at Studio Orient.
Mina Shamal is arabic and means "from the north". It all started in 2002 with an idea of creating a a more social community for students to learn a variety of dancestyles in a more authentic way - in the spirit of togetherness with other women. The groups are open to all Helene's students who want to dance more, learn more, and most importantly perform on stage in a group. The choreographies are complex and fun with formations and allot of interaction which gives the students a rare opportunity to give the audience a high level of amateur performances. As more and more students wanted to join the group after Mina Shamal's first performance in 2003, an expancion was neccessary and with that two new studengroups were born - Shimmy Shamali (northern shimmy) and Banat el Raqs (the doughters of dance).

Mina Shamal performing an oriental (left) and roman (right). Photo: Stig Weston.

Mina Shamal performing a khaleegy. Photo: Jan Robert Williamsen.

Banat El Raqs performing an oriental with veil. Photo: Jan Robert Williamsen.

Shimmy Shamali performing an oriental with veil and a drumsolo. Photo: Jan Robert Williamsen.

Shimmy Shamali performing aa drumsolo and a pop oriental. Photo: Jan Robert Williamsen.

Mina Shamal performs an oriental with veil (left) and bollywood (right). Photo: Jan Robert Williamsen.

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