First time in Norway: An intensive practice weekend - accompanied by live music!

NORWAY BALADI CAMP   June 10th - 12th 2016

Studio Orient has the pleasure of inviting all baladi lovers to the most exciting practice session of the year! The focus of Baladi Camp is on self-development, and it is an invaluable opportunity for dancers to gain knowledge and experience and increase their confidence.

Baladi comes from within, and it is natural, personal and spontaneous. To really “get under the baladi skin” you have to study culture, music and traditions, and dance as much as possible. Unfortunately in Norway, we have limited opportunities, also because the extraordinary connection with the music disappears when we dance to recorded music.

We offer the participants a chance to perform for a live audience, because it is when you bring the dance technique out of the workshop studio that the true baladi nature occurs. Baladi is about communication, feelings and improvisation. We strongly recommend all participants to perform a baladi of their own choice, accompanied by Guy Schalom and Magdy Tewfik as BALADI BLUES UNPLUGGED.

The workshops will cover all basic rhythms, the structure and progression of the music, and lots of training hours to live music. We have also included an introduction to baladi with stick, which characterizes the male version of baladi. To ensure the best possible outcome, it is a prerequisite that you are familiarized with baladi technique and steps. There will be no dance technique classes because we want the dancers to explore and develop their own style.

As BALADI CAMP-participant you get:

  • Interactive dance practice with a unique opportunity to indulge in improvisation to the soulful and dynamic baladi music. The main goal is to get more self-confidence when dancing to live music, explore communication with the musicians and identify your own personal style.
  • Friday-saturday-sunday: 10 hours of workshops under the direction of percussionist and instructor Guy Schalom, accompanied by Magdy Tewfik on quarter-tone accordion. All classes Friday and Saturday will feature live music. No possibility for single workshop hours. All classes will be taught in English. You will receive the complete workshop schedule with info of course content when registering for the camp.
  • Saturday BANAT EL BALAD HAFLA - optional performance or one show ticket (please tell us when you register if you wish to perform). All performers can choose their own song within the baladi-genre which will be played by Schalom and Tewfik. The list of songs will be made available only for those who perform.  Limited spots!

Prerequisites: Knowledge of baladi style and technique. Experience with and/or willingness to explore improvisation.
Please contact us if you have questions about the level.


* BALADI CAMP (10 hours workshops fri-sat-sun, one performance spot or one show ticket saturday): NOK 2200.
* Extra show ticket for BANAT EL BALAD HAFLA (saturday): NOK 150.

Send your registration to Please respect that all registrations are binding, and there are limited spots available. Final registration deadline is May 10th.



Guy Schalom (UK)

Guy Schalom, described as "one of the most interesting and versatile percussionists working in the UK today" (fROOTS) has been an ambassador of Egyptian Baladi music for well over a decade. He has released no less than eight albums with his band the Baladi Blues Ensemble and presented the popular BBC documentary "Bellydancing and the Blues". As a musician and a dancer he has a unique perspective when guiding other dancers to interpret live music through improvisation.

Magdy Tewfik (Egypt/Germany)

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Magdy Tewfik began began playing accordion in 1976, originally starting out working in the exclusive hotels of Cairo and Alexandria accompanying popular Egyptian dancers such as Sahar Hamdi, Zizi Mostafa, Lucy and others. Magdy went on to work in the bands of top Arabic singers including Shafik Galal, Maher el Attar, Mohamed Abdel Motleb, Aziz Omar, Suad Mikawy and Mahmoud Shukoko. Magdy relocated to Germany in 1990 and has since worked with the likes of Sayed Balaha and Mahmoud Fadl as well as in the acclaimed Nubian band Salamat. He has been collaborating with percussionist Guy Schalom since 2008 and is a regular member of Schalom's renowned band, the Baladi Blues Ensemble.

Baladi Blues Unplugged
The Baladi Blues Ensemble was founded in 2007 and originally featured the late «Founding Father of Baladi», accordionist Sheik Taha. They have since appeared at several international festivals, and for Norway Baladi Camp we are delighted to have Guy Schalom (tabla) and Magdy Tewfik (accordion) in an Unplugged version of the Baladi Blues Ensamble.